Analogous to the urban situation of the project site caught between the context of urban fabric buildings of the 19th century and the object buildings of the early suburbs and 20th century campus design—the program of this archive can be thought of as a dialogue between object and fabric. An archive is a field of objects, all of them precious but none of them distinctive--that is until they are called from their storage place and put on display in a gallery setting or scrutinized by scholars in a reading room. The programs of the gallery, the auditorium, and the reading room that objectify the archive's contents deflect the stacks, regular and homogenous in nature, in order to create public space: they can aggregate and merge to form produce poché or they can overlap and dematerialize, forming centralized vaulted space.

© 2011, Tyler Survant, All Rights Reserved.
Interior rendering, reading room
Program diagram and site rendering
Storage diagram
Site plan
1/16 scale building model
Exploded axon
Ground floor plan
1/8 scale model
Reading room plan
Longitudinal section
1/2 scale reading room model
Transverse section
Interior of the stacks
Wall section, stacks
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