This single-room occupancy (SRO) subsidized housing is sited within the economic context of New Haven's fluctuating population. Through a simple mechanism of the operable wall, the internal organization of the building allows for a dynamic and reciprocal response to the cycles of urban decay and growth. Four floors provide a varied character of habitation: each a different ratio of public to private space, of vacancy to occupation, and of figure to ground, all reflected in a spectrum of plan configurations. Standard bedroom/bath units along a double-loaded corridor provide a plan typology for the lower, more communal floors, but the introduction of a larger unit type in the upper floors consumes the corridor, ensuring a denser, private habitation and further questioning boundaries of ownership.

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Model section - plan view
Site plan
Site model - plan view
Site model - iso view
Floor plan - standard and expanded units
Model - plan view
Various plan sections
Floor plan
Model elevations
Site model - iso view
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